Title Inside the prision ( Caseros)
Year 2006
Genre Documentary
Time 75`
Director Julio Raffo
Country Argentina
Synopsis Is a documentary film that tells the story of the lives of 19 ex political prisoners from the Penitentiary Unit Number 1, commonly known as “Caseros Prison”, who recall their lives in the prison touring cells, corridors, the parlour, infirmary, the recreational patio, the chapel and remembering painful and emotional episodes.
The majority of these testimonies were obtained when the dismantling process of the prison began, some ex prisoners that were interviewed entered the prison more than 20 years after being released. The images of their testimonies, the contents thereof and even the tone of voice reveals the intense emotion that seized them in the prison.
The narration is integrated with footage, images of the time of the construction, inauguration and demolition. It also includes text that describes and characterizes the social and political period during which the prison was used as an instrument of political repression.
Work Released
Awards International Film Week in Valladolid 2005