Title Los Anconetani
Year 2013
Genre Documentary
Time  76 min
Director Jazmin Lopez
Country Argentina
Synopsis Nazareno Anconetani with 91 years treasures the almost extinct accordion builder craft tradition he learned from his father Giovanni, who came to Argentina from Ancona, Italy, in 1918. Nazareno joy and magic of his stories transport us to a past where the effort and work were a daily celebration of life. In the former home of the Anconetani family, located in the neighborhood of Chacarita in Buenos Aires, the workshop, the business of selling tools and the Accordion Museum, which houses ancient instruments and preserves the history of this family works. Around the house it is to discover in every object tells us something of the past. Every Wednesday night, at closing, the Anconetani family shares their table with musicians and friends. The style of the Italian tradition, pasta and tarantella merge into a joy to always want to return. Anconetani documentary is the story of immigration, work, joy for music and family.
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