TITLE Pendular
YEAR 2009
Director Júlia Murat
Synopsis Through the trajectory of a romantic couple of contemporary artists, Pendularreveals how the limits, contradictions and obsessions of a romantic relationship are reflected in each of their artistic endeavors.

A large abandoned industrial warehouse. An orange strip, glued to the floor, partitions the area in two equal portions: to the right, a sculpture atelier; to the left, a dance studio. Located herein as well, a small domestic nucleus where the two artists live. The division of this particular space is the driving force behind the story’s narrative.Initially, the two characters get along fine: He, sculptor, She, contemporary dancer. But then, little by little, He begins to encroach into Her area with his sculptures. After which She in turn begins to sneak into his space, using his sculptures as props in her choreographies. One day, She notices a steel cable connected to one of the warehouse girders leading out one of the windows into the street. Outside, she sees that the cable stretches over to a nearby light post, and then to another and another, seeming to trace a path through the city. She begins to follow the cable, an urban installation called Project Line, and discovers that it leads to a mental institute where He had once been committed.

At the same time, we are aware that an urge to have a child begins to grow in Him.

Pendular takes place in this setting, where art, performances and intimacy mingle together; and where the characters slowly lose their capacity of distinguishing between their artistic projects, their past and their romantic relationship.

Work Preproduction